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Pistol Safes

Quick access security for your home defense needs.


Proper storage and protection of any firearm, especially a handgun, is central to responsible gun ownership. Keeping handguns in a SentrySafe Pistol Safe and away from children and family members reduces the chance of accident and protects your firearm from theft, while quick access allows you to rest easy knowing you can access your firearm when you need it.

Best Selling Pistol Safes

Quick access when you need your firearm. Safe storage when you don’t.

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Where Safety and Access Meet

SentrySafe Pistol Safes deliver assurance to gun owners that they will have quick, reliable access to their firearm when it matters most. With options for whisper-quiet entry, biometric (fingerprint) access and portable security, our safes are on the leading-edge of tactical firearm storage.

Features Built for Protection

Steel Tether Cable

For securing your safe to other fixed objects.

Zero-Feedback Backlit Digital Keypad and Whisper-Quiet Gas Strut

When discreet access matters.

Fingerprint Entry

Biometric technology detects your fingerprint, allowing for quick, single-hand access when you need it.

Single-Handed Access

Compression gas strut holds the lid open for reliable, single-hand access.

Solid Steel Construction

Durable enough to keep valuable firearms protected.

We have 5 Pistol Safes to protect you.

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