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Water and Fireproof Safes

Safeguard your belongings from the most unexpected perils.


It’s not just fire that can threaten to damage your home. Whether you live in a flood plain, a hurricane rages through your town, or pipe bursts in your basement, a flood can happen to anyone. And protecting treasured valuables, cherished memories, and important business assets from the devastating effects of both water and fire damage is a top priority for many families. SentrySafe is proud to offer fire safes with various levels of waterproof and water-resistant technology to ensure you have what you need if disaster strikes.

Best Selling Water and Fireproof Safes

When the unimaginable happens, know your valuables are protected.

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  • Digital Fire/Water Safe

    Model SFW205GQC
  • Fire/Water Chest

    Model HD2100
  • Digital Fire/Water Safe

    Model SFW082F

The Most Reliable Fire and Water Protection

In addition to providing superior, UL-verified fire protection you can trust, our water and fireproof safes also safeguard against water damage.

Water Submersion Testing

Waterproof chests and files consistently deliver up to 72 hours of powerful protection from water intrusion. So even if you’re stuck away from your home after a flood or hurricane, you’ll know the things you value are safe.

How Waterproofing Works

All SentrySafe waterproof products include a closed-cell foam gasket. That means when the lid is closed, pressure forms a durable barrier between the water outside your safe and your valuables inside.

ETL Verified Protection

In addition to our own testing, the independent testing firm ETL thoroughly tests and verifies our water submersion and resistance ratings to ensure our safes protect against flooding and other water damage. SentrySafe products lead the industry in water protection, so you can rest assured your important documents, digital media, photos and keepsakes will survive catastrophe.

Water Resistant Fire Safes

Our line of Fire Safes and Fire Bags also deliver up to 72 hours of powerful protection from water intrusion.

Fire Protection that Passes the Test.

Our new safes are UL Classified fire resistant for 1 Hour in temperatures up to 1700˚F – giving you best-in-class fire protection. Learn more about our next generation fireproof safes.

Did you know?

Floods are the #1 natural disaster in the United States. And water damage is one of the most common claims on home insurance and it is estimated that your home has a 26% chance of being damaged by a flood during the course of a 30-year period. In fact, people outside of mapped high-risk flood areas file over 20% of all National Flood Insurance Program flood insurance claims.

Burning House

We have 63 Water and Fireproof Safes to protect you.

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