SentrySafe Testimonials

Real stories of SentrySafes that have survived the toughest tests

Our safes are built to protect your most valuable, irreplaceable items in the event of theft, fire, or flood. We take pride in the quality of our products and more so, we understand the importance of peril protection for your valuables. SentrySafe is committed to designing products with protection for the unexpected that offer peace-of-mind for a lifetime.

Our product owners share their personal stories and experience with fires, floods, break-ins, and more.


The strength to begin again

Document Safes

Time stood still for the McDermotts and others of Breezy Point, NY, as Hurricane Sandy leveled their homes, destroying all that they had. 190 firefighters were sent into the blaze engulfing the neighborhood. Over 100 home were lost in the course of the night.

Later that week, the McDermotts walked the leveled neighborhood. All that was left of Rosemary's mother's home was the basement filled with the charred remnants of what had been. With so little left, they searched for some small fragment of hope to comfort her mother during this difficult time. They then found a charred box amongst the debris.

It was her mom's SentrySafe Document Safe.

Though burnt on the outside, it protected the items entrusted to its care, including their family geneology, a project Rosemary's mother had worked on for years.

"I knew my mother was going to be so, so, happy. She was coming down that day and I was so excited that we had something to show her that was going to make her feel so much better...that something was salvageable out of absolutely nothing."

Learn more about our Document Safes.

Man with file safe after disaster

“You hear about people having fires, but you just don’t understand what it’s like to really lose everything that you have.”

Submitted by Rosemary M.

Security that stands tough

Security Safes

Submitted by Richard D.

Richard was the victim of a burglary where the suspects attempted to break into his pistol safe. They used a sledge hammer while attempting to open the safe, breaking off the keypad and handle, and rendering the key useless. When it was clear they wouldn’t be able to gain entry to the safe from the front, the suspects tried unsuccessfully to break the hinges off. Once Richard recovered his firearms from inside the badly damaged, but unopened safe, he found they were completely protected. After that, Richard says, “I immediately went and bought a brand new SentrySafe pistol safe just like the old one.” Learn more about the strength of our Security Safes.

Keeping memories safe

Fire Safes

Submitted by Jami H.

“I purchased a small SentrySafe fire chest while I was in college. I had some pictures and important papers stored in it.” After college, Jami continued storing important documents like her marriage certificate, birth certificates and social security cards in the safe as well. Then after having children, she began collecting sentimental items like their first locks of hair, baby teeth and pictures. In short, Jami’s small safe became the place where she kept her most valuable possessions. So when a fire ripped through her home destroying everything, she expected the worst. To her surprise, her fire chest survived. “The outside was a little charred, but the contents were in one piece. My little safe is the only thing that made me smile through the days following our fire.” Jami was able to pry open the safe and recover her important documents and photos – the only photos from the home that survived the fire. “Without these few pictures, I would have nothing from my kids childhood. We are rebuilding and I will be buying another SentrySafe Fire Safe. A huge one.“ Learn more about our UL Classified Fire Protection.

Powerful protection when disaster strikes

Security Safes

Submitted by Janet M.

Janet’s 87-year-old mother’s house was leveled when an EF5 tornado – the most powerful rating for a tornado - tore through the town of Joplin, MO. However, Janet’s mom kept a small security safe with important documents in a closet in one of her rooms. "It was in a room that was totally emptied by the storm. We never found any of the furniture that was in that room, but this safe was found in my mother’s yard, opened and upside down." Despite being opened by the sheer power of the storm, all the contents of the safe were found with minimal damage underneath the overturned safe in the yard. And the best part? Janet’s mother is still using the safe in her new home today. Learn more about our Security Safes.