Built for powerful protection this new XX-Large Water/Fire-Resistant Safe provides peace of mind that the things that matter most to you are safe from fire, flood and theft.
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The new XX-Large Water/Fire-Resistant Safe offers a variety of features all designed to provide your important documents and valuables with reliable protection.
Tested & proven third party verified protection from fire and flood help provide you with peace of mind that should the worst happen to your home or office you’ll have what you need to begin again.
The SentrySafe XX-Large Water/Fire-Resistant Safe is equipped with 6 large, 1-inch bolts to provide security you can count on.
The pry-resistant hinge bar acts like a dead bolt in the side of safe. So, even if the outside hinge of the safe is sawed off, the door remains reinforced against break-in.
Quick access to what’s important. Get access to your important items when you need them. This line of safes offers new user features such as back lit key pads, and easy-to-replace battery compartments.
Flexible Organization
Interior features have been made for more flexible storage. Deep organizational trays allow you to store everything from the smallest of items to hanging file folders.
*Organizational features may vary by model
Each safe is made with care at our main manufacturing plant in Rochester, NY, so you can be sure your safe will give you reliable protection. And if you ever do have a question about your safe, our U.S. based customer care team is always happy to help!
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