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With more than 120 safes to choose from, it can be daunting to pick the safe that’s best for you. That’s why we’ve broken it down in one, easy-to-follow guide so you can decide what security features, organizational tools and peril protections you need to protect what’s valuable to you.

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Fire resistance

Our Underwriters Laboratory (UL) Classified safes can withstand peak temperatures ranging from 1150° F – 1850° F, keeping your valuables safe and undamaged for up to two hours of fire exposure. Learn more about a safe's fire rating.

Fire Protection that Passes the Test.

Our safes are tested to rigorous standards to ensure that your important documents and valuables are kept safe during unpredictable conditions of a fire.

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Half Hour

UL 1/2 hour test

withstands 1550°F (843°C) for 1/2 hour


UL 1-hour test

withstands 1700°F (927°C) for 1 hour

Two Hour

UL 2-hour test

withstands 1850°F (1010°C) for 2 hour

Explosion Hazard

Flash fires happen. Sudden, extreme temperatures can cause the air inside the safe to expand so rapidly that the structural integrity is compromised. Our safes are UL classified to withstand this extreme event.


Impact Resistance

During a fire, your safe may be vulnerable to falling through floors of the burning structure. UL Classified impact resistance means our safe doors stay closed-and your valuables protected.


Security Protection

From basic protection that keeps people honest, to our maximum protection against a determined thief - Choose the security level that best fits your needs.

  • Basic Protection

    Privacy key lock deters unwanted viewers or children from accessing the contents of the safe. These safes provide basic protection and are not intended for tool attacks.

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  • Moderate Protection

    Durable, solid-steel construction and a tether cable on most models provide moderate protection against brief attacks.

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  • High Protection

    Solid-steel construction, pry-resistant door/body and heavy duty locks provide higher protection against tool attacks. Many models are California DOJ certified for firearm storage and protection.

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  • Maximum Protection

    For maximum protection these safes offer 2-4 live-locking bolts and pry-resistant hinge bars to help provide additional protection from forced entry. Select models include solid steel construction, dead bolts, anti-drill door and loud audible alarm for unauthorized access attempts.

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Water Protection

Flash floods can happen anywhere and anytime, and can lead to devastating damage. Our waterproof and water resistant safes ensure your valuables will remain dry through extreme exposure to water.

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Electrical Testing Laboratory (ETL) verified waterproof products are vigorously tested to remain dry even through extreme exposure to water for up to 72 hours.


We Stand Behind Every Product We Make

Your SentrySafe product was designed, built and thoroughly inspected at the factory for quality assurance, given normal use and care. SentrySafe warrants the quality and workmanship of your product according to the terms and conditions as stated in the owners' manuals.

After-Fire Replacement

After-Fire Replacement Program

If your safe goes through a fire, SentrySafe will send a replacement safe free of charge, so the things that matter most are protected for generations to come.

Fire Protection Guarantee

$50,000 Fire Protection Guarantee

Get up to $50,000 in insurance protection for your valuables. Registration requirements and limitations apply. See here for more details.

Rugged Security

Master Lock Security Built In

Advanced locking technology that resists both physical attacks and lock manipulation.

Metal Handle Design

Integrated handle provides secure yet simple access.

Pry-resistant Hinge Bar

Pry-resistant hinge bar reinforces the door of the safe for added protection against theft.

Tethering Cable

Steel tethering cable allows you to attach your safe to fixed objects for added security while traveling.

Steel Construction

Solid steel construction for durable and reliable protection.

Anti-Fish Hopper

Anti-fish hoppers prevent cash and deposits from being stolen with extendable tools or hooked wires.

Compression Gas Strut

Automatic door opening when your safe is unlocked for fast, quiet, and discreet entry.

Live-Locking Bolts

Live-locking bolts provide advanced protection against theft and unauthorized users.

Concealed Hinges

Offers added protection against attempted break-ins.

Mounting Hardware

Ensures your small safe is securely attached in order to prevent it from being physically moved or stolen.

Anti-Drill Door

Features a relocking device that helps protect against drill attacks.

Locks you can trust

Privacy Key Lock

Our most standard option and the simplest way to secure your valuables. Typically accompanied by a spare for convenience.

Tubular Key

Basic privacy protection with improved pick resistance. Accompanied by a spare for convenience.

3 Number Lock

A 3 number, programmable combination. No batteries required.

Biometric Lock

Our most advanced locking system allows you to access your safe with the swipe of a finger. Comes with a dual key for added security.

Combination Lock

Our 3 or 4 number factory-set combination locks are one of the most reliable forms of securing your valuables.

Digital Lock

This battery-powered digital locking system uses a programmable 1-8 digit code. Offers multiple user options.

Digital Lock with Backlit Keypad

This battery-powered backlit digital locking system uses a programmable 1-8 digit code.

Touchscreen Lock

Touchscreen digital keypad is designed to emit a loud alarm when your safe is picked up or moved, the door is pried open, or five wrong code attempts are entered.

Dual Key

A dual key gives safe owners the ability to disable the primary lock, even if other people know the combination or access code. It is not a backup key.

Card Swipe Reader

This reprogrammable lock includes a digital keypad with card swipe access, allowing you to enter a code or use any card with a magnetic strip to open and close your safe. No personal information or credit card numbers are used in this operation.

Override Key

For convenient backup access or emergency situations.

Protection and Convenience

Locking Drawer

Designed to fit within your safe, this feature provides added security for items that are especially important or fragile, as well as the ability to lock out those who are allowed access to the rest of the safe.

Interior Lighting

Interior lighting provides increased visibility in dimly lit locations, so you can easily access without additional lighting.

Carrying Handle

Make moving your safe, chest or file easy with a convenient carrying handle.

Digital Media

Protect tablets, phones, external hard drives, memory cards, USB drives, CDs, DVDs and other electronic storage devices.

Soft Interior Lining

Ensures your fragile or delicate valuables are protected from scratches.

Organizational Features

Hanging Files

Keep important files like medical, business and financial paperwork more organized and protected.

Bill Clips

Keep cash flat and organized with bill clips that secure currency in place.

In-Lid Organizer

For small valuables like passports, extra keys or media files that you want to access quickly, this storage section makes these items readily available.

Money Tray

The best way to store bills and coins, money trays keep cash organized and safe.

Key Rack

Especially useful for business or property owners, key racks provide safe and secure organization for multiple keys.

Key Tag

Color-coded tags and labels allow for easy organization of your keys.

Door Pocket

A deep door pocket that helps you keep your items safe, organized and easy to access.

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