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  • CB-10_angled.png

    SentrySafe CB-10 Cash Box

    The SentrySafe Cash Box CB-10 provides versatile security for cash handling. A convenient fold-away handle and a removable cash drawer makes the CB-10 ideal for home and business use.

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  • SFW205GRC_angled.png

    SentrySafe SFW205GRC Digital Fire/Water Safe

    The XX-Large Water/Fire-Resistant Safe provides reliable protection for important documents and valuables. The safe includes backlit dual electronic lock with key, pry-resistant hinge bar and 6 large, 1-inch bolts so you can feel confident your most important items are protected.

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  • SF205CV_angled.png

    SentrySafe SF205CV Combination Fire Safe

    With 6 large, 1" bolts and a pry-resistant hinge bar, the Combination Fire Safe SF205CV keeps all your documents and valuables protected from fire and theft. This safe is also equipped with two multi-positional trays to keep you organized, making it the ideal safe for your business needs.

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  • UC-039K_angled.png

    Business Safe

    When you’re running a business, the last thing you want to worry about is theft. And with SentrySafe Business Safes, you don’t have to. Our safes are uniquely designed to protect cash, receipts, deposit slips, keys and other valuables against theft and burglaries at the point of purchase. Plus, we offer business safes that also provide protection from fire and fire and water, ensuring your important paperwork, cash and other valuables are safe and secure. You can focus on your business, your employees and your customers.

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  • CB-10_angled.png

    Cash Box

    Whether you’re running a business, hosting a fundraiser, or transporting cash for any reason, SentrySafe cash boxes provide an easy way to keep your money safe, organized and protected.

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  • SFW123UTC_angled.png

    Fire & Waterproof Safe

    It’s not just fire that can threaten to damage your home. Whether you live in a flood plain, a hurricane rages through your town, or pipe bursts in your basement, a flood can happen to anyone. And protecting treasured valuables, cherished memories, and important business assets from the devastating effects of both water and fire damage is a top priority for many families. SentrySafe is proud to offer fire safes with various levels of waterproof and water-resistant technology to ensure you have what you need if disaster strikes.

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  • S7771_straight-on.png

    Fire Safe

    SentrySafe introduced the first ever fire-resistant safe over 80 years ago. Today, SentrySafe products continue to provide proven fire protection for your memories, documents and valuables. Third-party verified, it’s the type of fire protection you can depend on.

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  • SFW123GDC_angled.png

    Security Safe

    Everyone owns something they can't imagine losing – photos, meaningful jewelry, valuable keepsakes. That’s why we offer a wide range of security products to help you protect and organize the valuables you want to safeguard. SentrySafe Security Safes are designed to keep cash, records, valuables, pistols, and more, secure against theft or burglary.

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