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Use These Checklists to Get Ready for Any Emergency
Individual Emergency Kit
-2 short-sleeved cotton t-shirts
-1 long-sleeved light-colored shirt
-2 pairs lightweight pants
-1 pair of shorts – useful for swimming and sleeping
-3 pairs of underwear
-1 bra
-3 pairs of socks
-Lightweight jacket
-Comfortable, closed-toed shoes
-Individual water bottle
-High calorie energy bars
-Package of hard candies
-Flashlight or headlamp with extra batteries
-Toiletry bag: bar of soap, toothbrush, toothpaste, feminine sanitary items, shampoo, hand sanitizer, acetaminophen and/or ibuprofen
-Thin cotton towel
-$50 or more in small bills
-Pocket knife
-For kids: A favorite small toy or stuffed animal
-Seasonal: cold weather clothing, hand/foot warmers, rain poncho

Vehicle Emergency Kit
-Several 2-liter bottles filled with water
-Plastic tablecloth to cover public picnic tables or as a ground cover
-A few large trash bags
-Battery-powered lantern with extra batteries
-Duct tape
-2 or more blankets (store under seat)
-Work gloves
-Small shovel
-Road maps for the area
-Face masks
-Set of basic tools: claw hammer, straight and Phillips screwdrivers, wrench and pliers
-Heavy duty survival knife
-100 feet Paracord
Family Emergency Kit
-Over-the-counter medications
-First aid kit
-Insect repellant
-Moleskin and small pair of scissors
-Foods that do not need to be refrigerated – enough for at least 3 meals a day for 3 days
-Healthy snacks, such as dried fruit, nuts, and jerky
-Can opener
-Roll of paper towels
-Toilet paper
-Baby wipes
-Portable cook-stove and fuel
-Matches and fire starter
-Metal cooking pot with lid
-Eating utensils
-Serving spoon and metal spatula
-Plastic or disposable plates and/or bowls
-Small cutting board
-Medium-size knife in a case
-Dish soap
-A few Zip-locs in different sizes
-2 cloth dishrags & dish towels
-Laundry soap
-A roll of quarters to use for a laundromat
-Pad of paper
-Pens, pencils, 1 or 2 black Sharpies
-A family read-aloud book
-Portable water purifier

Pet Emergency Kit
-A week’s worth of food per pet. Plan on feeding your pets
-A lightweight water and food bowl.
-A collar, harness, and a leash
-Pet crate, which can pull double-duty to store the kit until the crate itself is needed.
-A small bag of kitty litter
-A small- or medium-size box for the cat’s litter
-A copy of your pets’ immunization records from the vet
-Photo of each pet
-Water – 1 oz. per day per pound weight of your pet
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