Safe in the Storm
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Whether it’s a hurricane or a burst pipe in your basement, it never hurts to be prepared for an emergency. And SentrySafe has products to help you keep your important documents safe from the elements, your valuables protected from theft in case of an evacuation and even portable security products to help you keep your wallet, keys and identification close at hand while you’re away from home. Check out these articles and tools to learn even more ways you can keep your family and home prepared for any emergency.
Safe in the Storm
As if a hurricane or natural disaster wasn’t scary enough, the idea of evacuating to a nearby shelter can cause a lot of angst and worry. If weather warnings are predicting that residents in your area may be evacuated, it’s best to be packed and ready to go.
Safe in the Storm
Whether you’re heading out of town, going to a shelter, or holding down the fort at home, there are things that are important to your family you’ll need to protect.
Safe in the Storm
Are you ready for a hurricane or other natural disaster? How ready? If the worst happened, how long would you and your family be alright?
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