With SentrySafe, All Is Not Lost.
Keep Your Belongings Safe
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How does SentrySafe help protect the important things in your life?
SentrySafe pioneered the fire safe with unique proprietary fire insulation. The main component of the insulation is cement with special additives that allow it to trap millions and millions of water molecules in the cement. When a fire rages outside the safe, the water molecules boil and create a vapor barrier. The vapor barrier keeps the interior of the safe below 250°, well below the temperature that paper will burn or DVDs or other digital media will melt.
Why we make sure our safes do what we say they do.
House fires are one of the biggest causes of death and property loss, and we don’t want either of those things to happen. We want to help protect the important things in your life because house fires spread so fast you have very little time to gather any belongings and the safest course of action is to get your family out as quickly as possible.
Stages of a Fire »
Stage 1a: Ignition
This is when heat, oxygen, and a fuel source combine to create a fire. It usually begins very small but can spread very quickly.
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Stage 1b: Ignition
A plume of hot gas and flames rise from the fire and mix with cooler air in the room. As the plume reaches the ceiling the gases begin to spread horizontally across the ceiling.
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Stage 1c: Ignition
As flames reach the ceiling the layering of hot gasses and heat increase in volume and will continue to grow quickly.
Stage 2: Growth »
Stage 2: Growth
This is when the fire spreads. It can happen very quickly based on where the fire started, combustibles near it, and the size of the room. Hot gasses and flame continue to raise the temperature in the room and ignite combustibles or other fuel sources in the room. Within minutes the room is full of super hot gasses and thick, black smoke.
Stage 3: Flashover »
Stage 3: Flashover
The sudden transition from growth to a fully developed fire and all combustible material can be on fire. Usually the ceiling is at a temperature ranging from 500° - 600°C (932°F - 1112°F). Flashover is when the fire begins to push out of openings in the room, windows, doors, etc.
Stage 4: Fully Developed Fire »
Stage 4: Fully Developed Fire
The fire is at its greatest with temperatures ranging from 700°C - 1200°C (1292°F - 2192°F). Fire can spread through other fuel sources like structural materials to other rooms. Some parts of the house might be in other stages (ignition, growth, etc.) while the original room is fully developed.
Stage 5: Decay »
Stage 5: Decay
The fire begins to decay because the available fuel has been consumed or because of limited oxygen.
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  • Stages of a Fire
  • Stage 1a: Ignition
  • Stage 1b: Ignition
  • Stage 1c: Ignition
  • Stage 2: Growth
  • Stage 3: Flashover
  • Stage 4: Fully Developed Fire
  • Stage 5: Decay
Not only do we care about fire resistance, we care about impact resistance. WHY?
During a fire there can be a structural collapse. We make sure our fire safes are ETL verified impact-resistant to provide extra protection for what’s important to you. This means if your safe is in an upstairs bedroom, the floor collapses and it falls down to the basement, we’ve made our fire safes extra tough to withstand the fall.

Select models carry the UL Classification for Fire-Impact testing. The products are heated to specified temperatures and then dropped 15 feet or 30 feet onto rubble, cooled, inverted, and reheated. In order to pass the test, the product must remain closed and the contents must be intact and usable.
Impact Resistance
We also put our safes through other grueling tests to prove they do what we say.
Fire Protection
Our Safes can withstand temperatures ranging from 1,150°F to 1,850°F.
Underwriters Laboratory (UL) tests are independent tests of Sentry®Safe Fire-Safe® products. For a product to earn a UL classification, the documents/items stored inside must remain completely undamaged after being subjected to ½ hour (1550°F (843°C), 1 hour (1700°F (927°C) or 2 hours (1850°F (1010°C) of fire exposure.

Only products with the Underwriters Laboratory (UL) mark have been tested to withstand these stringent conditions.

Different strength UL tests are required for paper, media and sensitive material storage. These tests, on top of the security that already comes with the Sentry®Safe brand name, provide the ultimate insurance that your possessions are safe from harm while inside a Sentry®Safe product.

In case that isn’t enough, Sentry®Safe products also undergo ETL Semko testing. ETL Semko is an independent testing firm that verifies products are in compliance with the manufacturer's specifications for fire endurance.
After Fire Replacement Guarantee
In the event of a fire, SentrySafe will replace your fire-resistant product to help get you back on your feet.
There’s no way you’d know this, but after a fire the outside of your Fire-resistant SentrySafe will be destroyed. That’s how it protects what’s inside. Basically the outside melts, burns up, and seals the safe shut and keeps the inside unharmed. It’s because of this that we have a lifetime after-fire replacement guarantee – your SentrySafe product will be replaced if destroyed in a fire and shipping will be free! Just a little something to help get you back on your feet.
$50,000 Fire Replacement Guarantee
Get up to $50,000 in insurance protection for your valuables.
We know our safes work, but we also offer up to $50,000 fire protection limited reimbursement guarantee on our steel Fire-Safe® products – which reimburses consumers for direct physical loss of contents caused by a fire when you enroll in the SentrySafe $50,000 Fire Protection Guarantee Program.
What Should You Store In Your Safe?
Let’s talk about "Headache" vs. "Heartache".
Take a minute and REALLY imagine losing everything. You get a frantic call from a neighbor that your house is on fire. What goes through your head? Think of everything important that you'd lose in that fire, or a natural disaster, or a theft, and then imagine of how difficult it would be to replace them.

We’re not talking about replacing your TV or your Members Only jacket either (although that would be heartbreaking). We’re talking about all the stuff you’d need to have to get your life back on track if you were the victim of a disaster: marriage license, birth certificates, passports, jewelry, wills, deeds, bonds, replaceable things. More importantly, we’re talking about the heartbreaking item you can’t replace, like your granddad’s WWII medals, or your child’s first piece of macaroni art.

That, in a nutshell, is “Headache” vs. “Heartache”.
Deed to your home
Marriage License
Credit Card Information
Birth Certificate
Stock Certificate / Bonds
Insurance Documents
Mortgage Information
Children's Artwork
Family Heirlooms
Baby Shoes
Special Awards
Stories From Our Customers
Sometimes all we need is a glimmer of hope when we’re at our darkest hour. You’ll see that (sadly) many people have written to us to tell us about how they thought they had lost everything until they opened their SentrySafe to find that the contents were intact and in perfect condition.
You hear about people having fires, but you just don't understand what it's like to really lose everything that you have. more >>
Rosemary M. - NY
We wanted to let you know that we are very grateful for your product... December 21st, 2011 we had a housefire... more >>
Jodi G. - NV
My wife and I would like to start by thanking you for making such a dependable product. We lost our home to a fire... more >>
Craig W. - WI
Bought a security safe 15 years ago from Walmart. It was excellent. Last year it was damaged in a house fire... more >>
Scott L.
Can You Prepare for a Disaster?
Preparation helps save lives and property, and in a fire, every second counts. Once a fire begins, your house can be filled with thick, black smoke in minutes. That’s why once you escape you don’t go back in for any reason. Not for pets, not for computers, not for anything. Here are a few ideas on how to be prepared if you were to be the victim of a fire.
Create a family escape plan and practice it.
  • Make a map of each floor of your home with doors and window included. Figure out two ways out of each room. Make sure the escape doors and windows open easily.
  • Make sure your children know their escape route in case you can’t help them.
  • Make sure anyone with a disability knows their plan.
  • Practice your plan during the daytime and at night.
For more information visit: http://www.usfa.fema.gov/campaigns/smokealarms/
Escape Plan
Be diligent about smoke alarm installation and upkeep.
  • Smoke alarms save lives. Smoke spreads very fast and smoke alarms give you warning to GET OUT!
  • Install smoke alarms in every bedroom, outside each sleeping area and on every level of your home.
  • Test your smoke alarms every month.
  • Replace the batteries at least once a year, even better, replace the batteries when you switch your clocks.
  • When a smoke alarm sounds, get outside and stay outside.
  • Replace all smoke alarms in your home every 10 years.
Keep what's important to you in a fire-resistant safe from SentrySafe
  • These aren’t life saving tips, but they could help save a lot of time, headaches, and heartache.
  • Have your old photos scanned and put on a USB drive to store in your safe.
  • Make copies of your driver’s license, Social Security card, credit cards, anything you might need in the event of a fire and keep the copies in your safe.
  • Organize important documents, labels them, put them in your safe.
  • Keep important data DVDs in your safe.
Preparation not only saves live, but it’s also the key to making your return to normalcy as smooth as possible if you were to be a victim of a fire. If all of your important documents are stored in a SentrySafe Fire Resistant Safe you’ll have a slightly easier path back to life after a fire.

Learn more about how to prepare for the worst and get back on track after a fire using our collection of helpful links.
Fire Testimonial
Dear Sentry, We wanted to let you know that we are very grateful for your product. We had a large Sentry safe with the electronic lock. December 21st, 2011 we had a housefire. It started in the basement under the master bedroom and burned all night long. The house was completely gone. The next day, we asked the fire chief if there was any chance that our safe, which had been in the master bedroom closet, could be alright. He said there was no way, the fire had been way too hot, "it will be destroyed." I made a joke to my husband asking if we are still married since both of our wedding rings and marriage certificate were in there. Two days afterwards, when the insurance investigator was there, my husband mentioned that we wanted to try and look for the safe. So the investigator, my husband and our neighbor went in and found it and pulled it out. The front electronics were completely melted so they got a 6' long prybar and broke into it. It was like it was completely new inside!!!! My husband came and got me to show me. Even our wedding video, well it looks fine anywy, we haven't actually had a chance to check it out, but not a single thing inside even melted! I don't know how they are made but you do a wonderful job! Everyone now asks us for advice on what we have learned from this tragedy and what advice we can give. The first thing that both me and my husband say is "Make sure that you have Sentry firesafe and make sure you keep your important papers and such in it!" We are planning on getting a couple of them to protect more stuff. I wish I would have had my photo books and such in one, but I didn't...When my husband found the marriage certificate he asked the investigator, "Can I throw this back in and pretend it burned up also :-) I hit him!! Thank you for saving my marriage! :-) Lifetime Sentry owner and proud of it!
Fire Testimonial
My wife and I would like to start by thanking you for making such a dependable product. We lost our home to a fire in January 2006. I chose to keep the fireproof safe in the garage thinking it would have the least amount of fire exposure and that the fire crew could remove it quickly if the home was on fire. Unfortunately for us, our fire started in the garage. That is where the fire was the most intense and lasted the longest. The firemen couldn't remove the safe until fire was almost out which was about 4 hours after it started. To our amazement, when the locksmith broke open the safe, everything in the safe was intact and unharmed. Birth certificates, passports, titles, insurance papers, our will and CD backups of ALL our family photos. Nothing was even wet! The lockable drawers were not melted and the paper was not even singed.
Fire Testimonial
Bought a security safe 15 years ago from Walmart. It was excellent. Last year it was damaged in a house fire. The contents were undamaged and we were very grateful. Called SS for help opening the safe; not only did I get the info I wanted, I discovered that the safe had a lifetime replacement warranty. SentrySafe stood behind their reputation and sent a replacement. Since then, I've purchased 3 more safes. Love the products!
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