Did You Know?
Many SentrySafe products offer water protection to help keep your important documents and valuables safe from flood, which means your safe door has a gasket that creates an airtight seal. Because of this protection moisture from the air can get trapped in your safe, but there are a couple things you can do to help prevent any damage to your valuables or documents.
Your Safe
Opening the door and letting your safe air about once a month can help keep the moisture in the air of your safe from settling and causing damage to your important items.
Desiccant Bag
Many of our safes come with these desiccant bags.Don’t throw them away! They help absorb the moisture in the air and prevent damage to your documents and valuables.
Mark Your Calendar
A desiccant bag doesn’t work forever. They need to be replaced or recharged every 6 months*. To recharge your desiccant bag you can place it in an oven for 16 hours at 245˚F.

*This time period is an estimate. People living in humid climates may find it beneficial to replace/recharge their desiccant bags more often.
Digital Media
Many digital media items such as CDs, DVDs and USB drives have components in them that melt at lower temperatures than your paper documents. SentrySafe provides ETL verified protection on many of its units to ensure that your important digital media remains safe in a fire.
Bolt Down You Safe
A smart burglar will try and remove your safe from your home so they have more time to try and get inside. Many SentrySafe products offer bolt down hardware so you can bolt your safe to the floor making it harder for a burglar to carry it away.
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