SentrySafe Rules for Contests on Social Networks

We’re glad to see you’re here checking out the terms and conditions for our contests and giveaways; after all, it’s the first step to winning some great prizes!

When we run a contest subject to these rules, we’ll post a link to these rules along with any other applicable rules, as well as instructions on how to participate. By participating you agree to all such rules and instructions. You don’t have to buy anything to participate and/or win, but you are responsible for any applicable taxes if you win. Prizes are provided “as is.”

Our social media contests and giveaways are first and foremost subject to any terms and conditions stated here. Other terms and conditions may apply depending on the social platform we’re using to conduct our contests. We’ll post them in advance of the contest.

For some contests, we may require you to send us a Tweet or post a comment on the applicable social platform. Tweets must include “@SentrySafe” to be considered. Once we receive your tweet or comment, it’s up to us to determine which response we feel is the best, for whatever reason we decide.

Do not share offensive or inappropriate material/messages/usernames/content, etc., as we reserve the right to exclude or remove it. This will disqualify your entry in the contest.

We’ve all experienced internet outages, goofy internet connections, or glitchy social networking sites, etc., but we are not responsible for errors or outages that might prevent you from sending, or from us receiving your contest submission. We may also extend the timeframe for entries if necessary due to causes beyond our control.

Anything you send us becomes our property, and upon participation you give us the permission to use your submission as we see fit. We may use your content, name, profile information, etc., to announce that you are the winner. Unless we post additional rules stating otherwise, you must be 13 years of age or older and a U.S. resident to participate. Any winners under the age of 18 will need a signed affidavit from a guardian.

All winners may be required to complete any documentation related to accepting the prize. We’ll need to collect contact info from winners to get you the prize(s), so keep an eye on us and check back frequently since we’ll be posting instructions. If you don’t give us enough info to contact you, we’ll move on.


Good Luck!

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