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How do you know what safe is right for you?

How do you know what safe is right for you? As you can see, there are a lot of options, parts, pieces and features that are all designed to best protect the most important parts of your life. We understand the complexity behind some of our features, and we want to help make it easier for you to find what you need to protect your family and valuables. This section will help you to learn about our peril protection, capacity options, lock types, and everything else you need to understand in order to choose the best safe for you...
Our safes are designed to protect your world and the important things in it from some of life’s greatest and most unexpected dangers, including fire, water and burglars.
Fire Protection


DID YOU KNOW that every 19 seconds a fire department in the United States is responding to a fire? (National Fire Protection Association)

Sentry®Safe offers the best fire protection in the business. In fact we invented fire-resistant storage containers 80 years ago. Our Safes can withstand temperatures ranging from 1,150° F to 1,850° F.

1/2 Hour Fire Protection 1 Hour Fire Protection 2 Hour Fire Protection

Underwriters Laboratory(UL) tests are independent tests of Sentry®Safe Fire-Safe® products. For a product to earn a UL classification, the documents/items stored inside must remain completely undamaged after being subjected to ½ hour (1550°F (843°C), 1 hour (1700°F (927°C) or 2 hours (1850°F (1010°C) of fire exposure.

Only products with the Underwriters Laboratory(UL) mark have been tested to withstand these stringent conditions.

Different strength UL tests are required for paper, media and sensitive material storage. These tests, on top of the security that already comes with the Sentry®Safe brand name, provide the ultimate insurance that your possessions are safe from harm while inside a Sentry®Safe product.

In case that isn’t enough, Sentry®Safe products also undergo ETL Semko testing. ETL Semko is an independent testing firm which verifies products are in compliance with the manufacturer's specifications for fire endurance.

UL Classified

Important fire fact:

When businesses lose operating records to a fire, 30% close their doors forever. Don’t let this happen to you! Choose SentrySafe to protect your important belongings!
  • Explosion Hazard


    Select UL Classified Sentry®Safe products pass a UL Explosion Hazard test, which means they are subjected to a flash fire of 2000°F (1093°C) for 20 minutes and the product does not explode. (Refer to owner’s manual for specific models)

  • Impact Resistance


    Select 1-hour and 2-hour safe models carry the UL Classification for Fire-Impact testing. The products are heated to specified temperatures (depending on the model) and then dropped 15 feet or 30 feet (depending on the model) onto rubble, cooled, inverted and reheated. In order to pass the test, the product must remain closed and the contents must be intact and usable. (Refer to owner's manual for specific models)

Water Protection


WATER DAMAGE is one of the most common claims on home insurance and it is estimated that your home has a 26% chance of being damaged by a flood during the course of a 30-year period. (National Flood Insurance Program)

At Sentry®Safe, we understand that water damage can happen fast, furious and when you least expect it. That’s why you need to make sure those things that are important to you remain safe and dry! This is where we come in: Sentry®Safe is proud to offer different levels of waterproof and water-resistant technology to ensure your most treasured valuables are unscathed by the unwelcomed presence of water in your home.

The Sentry®Safe ETL verified waterproof guarantee ensures that items you place in your Sentry®Safe Fire-Safe® Waterproof chest or file will remain dry even through extreme exposure to water. Our waterproof products are tested by being completely submersed for an hour in water that goes up to two inches above the uppermost surface of the chest or file. The product passes the test only if there no more than .5 grams (8 drops) of water entered the safe!


Sentry®Safe Fire-Safe® Advanced Business and Home/Office Safes and the Model S0491 and S0891 Fire-Safe® Personal Safe are classified as water-resistan. This means products have withstood 15 minutes of 1,000 gallons of water spray as well as one hour of standing in 6 inches of water with no damage to products inside the safe!

Floods and Flash Floods can happen in all fifty states and can bring walls of water 10 to 20 feet high. Don’t let your cherished and most needed documents and belongings be ruined by water. Entrust Sentry®Safe to keep what is important to you safe and unharmed!

Security Protection


AROUND 2 MILLION incidents of burglary occur every year. Of these, around 60% involve forcible entry and 60% are considered residential burglaries. Most of them occur in broad daylight- between 6 a.m. and 6 p.m. (Department of Justice)


Many Sentry®Safe Security products (see specific product information for details) are tested by California DOJ standards performed by professional locksmiths to resist attacks using such tools as chisels, pry bars, and variable speed drills for 5 minutes.

There are few things more jarring than knowing an intruder has entered your home. But knowing your valuables are safe from theft in a Sentry®Safe security product will help put your mind at ease!

Our safes come in all different shapes and sizes. We are confident there is one that will fit your needs.
  • Small Capacity


    Cubic foot capacity of .6 or less(16.9 Liters or less).

    Perfect for:

    Perfect for passports, paper documents, cash, spare keys, jewelry, or small collectables.

  • Medium Capacity


    Cubic foot capacity of around .8(around 22.6 Liters).

    Perfect for:

    Hanging file folders, paper documents, binders or larger collectables.

  • Large Capacity Extra Large Capacity



    Cubic foot capacity of 1.2 to 2.0(33.9 to 56.6 Liters)

    Perfect for:

    Perfect for:

    Storing multiple binders, cash drawers, hanging file folders, any size collectables and extra organizational features.

    Securely storing long guns, hunting accessories and equipment, paper documents, data storage and filing.

There are many different lock types designed for different levels of security and convenience. Read below to help discern the differences, and pick the best safe for you!
  • Privacy Key Lock

    Privacy Key Lock:

    Keys account for our most standard and basic option. With no combinations to remember, and typically accompanied by a spare for convenience, this is the simplest way to secure your valuables.

  • 3 Number Mechanical Lock

    3 Number Lock:

    This locking option consists of a 3-number, programmable combination. No batteries required.

  • Combination Lock

    Combination Lock:

    This type of lock contains a 3 or 4 number factory set combination. One of the oldest and most basic forms of locking, mechanical dials are a trustworthy and reliable form of securing your possessions.

  • Combination Lock with Key

    Combination Lock with Key:

    Includes the 3- or 4-number factory set combination as well as a key. Depending on the model, some keys may act as increased security or serve as another option for opening your safe with the ability to override.

  • Electronic Lock

    Electronic Lock:

    Digital locking system, usually 1-8 digit password. Also offers multiple user options available. Requires batteries. Not thrilled with the idea of turning a dial one way, than another, than back again, and having to remember a complicated trio of double-digits? This choice provides the option of choosing your own password, and then simply punching the buttons!

  • Electronic and Key Lock

    Electronic and Key Lock:

    Same characteristics as programmable keypad with accompanying key. Key can serve as option to override keypad or act as measure for increased security.

  • Card Swipe Lock

    Card Swipe Lock:

    Choose your protection with a digital key pad with card swipe access. Either enter in a code or use any card with magnetic strip for convenient use each time you open and close your safe.

  • Biometric Lock

    Biometric Lock:

    This locking system allows access with fingerprint technology for quick access. New developments using this system are on the way!

Do you have a pile of important papers or documents at the corner of your desk, ever growing, waiting to be filed away somewhere? Can you locate those ever-important documents at a moment’s notice? Never fear, we have a solution for you!

Whether it’s letter size documents laying flat, hanging standard files, small electronics, jewelry, or digital media items, our safes offer a variety of interior storage configurations, accessories and features to help you organize your irreplaceable documents and valuables:
  • Paper Documents

    Paper Documents:

    Passports, birth certificates, marriage license, mortgage documents, insurance papers, will, stocks & bonds, tax records, divorce papers, are top of the list of important and irreplaceable items to protect.

  • Files


    Expense records, donations, health/flex card receipts, other medical records, school transcripts, business records, credit card records, bank account files.

  • Digital Media

    Digital Media:

    CD’s, DVD’s, USB drives, memory cards, portable hard drives

  • In-Lid Organizer

    In-Lid Organizer:

    Are you storing a few items in your SentrySafe product that you want readily available? These helpful bands can be used to store smaller items or articles that you wish to be kept separate from what is stored in your chest or file.

  • Holds Paper Flat

    Holds Paper Flat:

    Tired of finding papers bent, folded or wrinkled from being stored untidily? This nifty feature keeps papers flat and undamaged for crisp and neat retrieval of your important documents.

  • Money Tray

    Money Tray:

    If you are storing money in your SentrySafe product, chances are you want it to be organized! This tray helps to arrange and manage money for increased speed and optimal ease of use!

  • Locking Drawer

    Locking Drawer:

    This feature provides double protection for items you would want kept extremely secure. The drawer assists in organization and storage to prevent misplacement or mistreatment of items which are especially important or fragile, as well as the ability to lock out even those who are allowed access to the rest of the safe!

  • Key Box

    Key Box:

    Want a way to organize and store keys? This feature can help solve your problems! Hang your keys in a particular order, or label them accordingly, and you’ll never be confused about which key is which again!

  • Bill Clips

    Bill Clips:

    Keep money flat and tidy with this feature. The bill clips secure bills in place so to eliminate the risk of bills falling out or becoming disordered!

  • Carrying Handle

    Carrying Handle:

    If you ever need to move your sentry safe product, the carrying handle can help you do this with ease and convenience. Just grab the handle and eliminate the awkward and uncomfortable problem of finding a grip and position to carry your safe, chest or file!

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