10 Gun Safe #

SentrySafe is proud to introduce the all new GM1055 series fire rated 10 gun safes, proving once again that SentrySafe is the performance to value leader in the gun safe marketplace. These new safes deliver on the key needs that you, the customer demand from the industry leader in this category:
Security, Protection and Capacity.

# 10 Gun Details #

On the security front, SentrySafe utilizes 6 total points of protection, combining 3 solid steel live 1” diameter bolts and 3 solid steel dead 1” diameter bolts, located inside the door jamb to ensure your valuable equipment stays safely locked up in a pry resistant door format. Additionally, these units are sold in two locking options: The GM1055C uses a mechanical combination system and the GM1055E uses an electronic key pad, equipped with an innovative key override system. The GM1055 series of safes are not only SentrySafe fire rated, but ETL VERIFIED at 1200ºF for 20 minutes, keeping the interior below 350 degrees. This verified rating is accomplished through over 80 years of experience in design and insulation testing, leading to uncompromising success within the industry.

SentrySafe cuts off the heat entry path by using external hinges, while layering the door jambs with drywall and highheat mortar around the seams. A heat triggered expanding gasket rounds out the door frame, completing the fire resistant design of this safe. When it comes to capacity, SentrySafe is second to none in the 10 gun market, providing 6.6 cubic feet of total storage space and mounting a door that opens 180 degrees for ease of access.

Combine all of these reliable features with a durable powder coat finish and the choice becomes simple: SentrySafe, the proven performance to value leader in the gun safe category.

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