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  • Electronic FIRE-SAFE®
  • Electronic FIRE-SAFE®
  • Electronic FIRE-SAFE®

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SB3510 - Product Details

The SentrySafe SB3510 offers 1-hour of proven, UL Classified fire protection for your valuables. The multi-position shelf, door pocket and compartment provide ease of use and convenience when storing your important and irreplaceables.


Advanced Fire ProtectionLrg

  • Lifetime after-fire replacement guarantee
  • Proven UL classified - 1-hour fire protection
  • Electronic lock
  • Holds standard and A-4 size papers, folders and binders
  • 4 live-locking bolts
  • Multi-position shelf to enable easy organization
  • Door back organizational hooks
  • Color: Light Gray


903 Shelf

903 Shelf


Optimize your storage space with this removable, adjustable shelf. Shelf can be used horizontally or vertically as a separator.

Internal: 12.125"W x 10.5D
External: .437"H x 12.5"W x 10.5"D

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912 Tray (New Style)

912 Tray (New Style)


Sleek, rounded design gives the adjustable tray a modern look while providing custom organization.

Internal: 1.625"H x 11.875"W X 12.5D
External: 2.875"H x 12.5"W x 9.531"D

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913 Drawer (New Style)

913 Drawer (New Style)


Safely and neatly store your items and documents in this adjustable locking drawer. Additional key provided.

Internal: 2.03125"H x 11.875"W X 8.906D
External: 2.875"H x 12.5"W x 10.75"D

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Electronic - SB3510

    • 17.8in x 16.3in x 18.6in
    • 45.3cm x 41.5cm x 47.2cm
    • 13.8in x 12.6in x 11.9in
    • 34.9cm x 31.9cm x 30.2cm

    • 1.2ft
    • 33.6lit
    • 99lb
    • 44.9kg

  • 1 year Limited Warranty
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Electronic -SB3510
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