SentrySafe will present the Quick Access Pistol Safe, an innovative gun safe, at the 2012 National Hardware Show.The Quick Access Pistol Safe features an electronic, quick-entry, zero-feedback lock.  A gas strut system ensures that the door will open quietly and stay open, allowing for single-handed access even in confined spaces.  The unit features bottom mounting for more versatility and a pry-resistant, exclusive SentrySafe door design to prevent theft.  Closed-cell foam prevents any damage to the gun from outside elements. | view (276 k k)

SentrySafe is pleased to debut the 1200 Fire-Safe® Chest at the 2012 National Hardware Show.  The 1200 Fire-Safe Chest protects important paper documents, digital media and valuables from fire damage.  Perfect for storing birth certificates, passports, deeds, insurance information, records, digital media and irreplaceable documents.  The safe has a privacy key lock to keep unwanted eyes away from the contents, as well as to prevent the lid from opening in the event of a fire.  The safe also has a convenient carrying handle to assist with ease of transporation. | view (280 k k)

SentrySafe announced its partnership with ME911™, a San Francisco-based premier provider of 24/7 family safety services, to kick off National Peparedness Month by rolling out a series of online promotions to raise preparedness awareness.Both companies are keen on highlighting the importance of being prepared in case of an emergency.  | view (421k k)

In honor of Breast Cancer Awareness month this October, SentrySafe is thinking pink with the release of the limited edition Pink 1100 Fire Chest.  To help raise awareness and funds for breast cancer, SentrySafe will donate $1 from the sale of each safe to The Breast Cancer Research Foundation®.  With the launch of the new Pink 1100 Fire Chest, SentrySafe is committed to making a positive impact by contributing to the fight against breast cancer. | view (160k k)

Designed, developed and manufactured in the USA, the Home Defense Center by SentrySafe combines quick and quiet access with high-end security, into one innovative corner design.  This new gun safe features a zero feedback electronic lock, jumbo 1-inch bolts, patent pending pry-resistant door design, ready pistol presentation and a unique barrel containment system.  All of these features are secured against access. | view (200k k)

SentrySafe today announced the launch of their new steel Fire-Safe product.  Designed to protect digital media, documents, jewelry and other valuables from fire, water and theft, these new safes have 60% bigger bolts than traditional safes, a full-length pry-resistant hinge bar to provide additional security against unauthorized access and improved lock technology to make authorized access easier. | view (348K k)

SentrySafe launched two innovateive gun safe models at the 2011 SHOT Show.  The Home Defense Center Safe includes advanced Pry Guard security features such as big, oversized bolts, a pry-resistant, exclusive SentrySafe door design and a quick-entry, zero feedback electronic lock.  All moving parts have been silenced and are whisper quiet when opening.  The Quick Access Pistol Safe features an electronic, quick-entry, zero feedback lock.  A gas strut system ensures the door will open quietly and stay open, allowing for single handed access even in tight spaces.  | view (304K k)

In honor of Breast Cancer Awareness month this October, SentrySafe is thinking pink with the release of the limited edition Pink 1100 Fire Chest.  To help raise awareness and funds for breast cancer, SentrySafe will donate $1 from the sale of each safe to The Breast Cancer Research Foundation®.  "We are excited to donate to a great cause like The Breast Cancer Research Foundation®," said Jim Brush, SentrySafe president and CEO.  "This effort is in honor of our many friends and family who have been touched by breast cancer.  It is our hope that the Pink 1100 Fire Chest helps increase national awareness about this issue and brings us one small step closer to eradicating this awful disease." | view (156K k)

SentrySafe announces the new 10-gun FIRE-SAFE® Gun Safe at the 2010 SHOT Show.  SentrySafe provides consumers with the most advanced gun safes at the best value. | view (122k k)

SentrySafe announced at the 2010 SHOT Show a Law Enforcement and Military Discount Program designed to offer a 10 to 20 percent discount on all SentrySafe gun safes, security safes and fire rated safes, chests and files to all homeland security, federal agency and military personnel, police officers and firefighters.  Visit to research products, download applicable forms and to obtain ordering information. | view (80k k)

SentrySafe announced that the company recently launched five new depository safes to protect business owners from potential robbery and internal theft.  The new front loading depository safes and under counter drop safes are designed to provide immediate deposits and secure storage for cash collection and valuables. They are being targeted to restaurants, bars, convenience stores, retail stores, chruches and not-for-profit. | view (88k k)

SentrySafe is proud to introduce the SentrySafe FIRE-SAFE Vault Door targeted to gun owners, dealers and distributors looking for high security protection for their gun collections, ammunition and valuables. | view (121 k)

SentrySafe is proud to launch a record 24 innovative gun safe models at the 2009 SHOT Show.  Our new gun safe models provide a level of product quality and performance that customers have come to trust from the SentrySafe brand.    Enhanced security features such as dual-locking systems as well as extra tall models that provide enhanced organization are just a couple of the new features. | view (191 k)

SentrySafe has announced that the company has purchased Schwab Corporation, a worldwide leading manufacturer of high-end security & fire resistant files, safes, cabinets and vault doors for the protection of records.  The companies see the acquisition as an opportunity for both businesses to leverage their assets to create an even stronger business -- a win-win for both SentrySafe and Schwab Corporation.  The purchase of Schwab Corporation which will be a wholly owned subisdiary of SentrySafe, is effective immediately.     | view (84 k)

Sentry®Safe announced its next generation 250GB FIRE-SAFE/Waterproof Hard Drive to protect data from fire and water disasters and computer crashes.  SentrySafe has again partnered with Maxto® Storage Solutions to develop the innovative, award-winning hard drive that enables back-up of critical data.    | view (138 k)

Sentry®Safe announces its newest product, the AS-1 autosafe® to protect valuables inside a vehicle from "smash and grab" crimes.  The importance of safeguarding GPS units, PDAs, cameras, cell phones, mp3 players, satellite radios and other belongings has never been greater.   This compact unit designed with a high-security key lock and two steel locking bolts is fastened with a theft-resistant steel cable.  Fitting neatly under a seat or in the trunk out of sight, the AS-1 autosafe is foam-lined to cushion valuable contents.  | view (119 k)

Sentry®Safe launches the FIRE-SAFE® Fingerprint Pistol Safe at SHOT show 2008.  With a unique, patented biometric fingerprint lock, the fire-resistant pistol safe is ideally suited for multiple uses, opening with a progrrammable personal code or the swipe of a finger. In addition to the pistol safe, SentrySafe is also pleased to announce three new long gun models--the G2345, GN8281 and GN8381. | view (99 k)

Sentry®Safe awarded the Popular Mechanics Editor's Choice Award 2008 for the new FIRE-SAFE®/Waterproof Hard Drive.  | view (98 k)

This holiday season it's 'peace of mind' protection that's perfect to give and receive -- a gift that can truly be appreciated all year-round.  No one wants to be a victim of a fire, flood, or identity theft, but it's comforting to know that if disaster should strike SentrySafe products provide unsurpassed protection from fire and water damage as well as theft protection safeguarding important documents and precious family mementos.  | view (92 k)

Sentry®Safe launches world's first and only affordable FIRE-SAFE®/Waterproof Data & Document Security Products. The suite of products include a FIRE-SAFE/Waterproof Hard Drive (80GB & 160GB), FIRE-SAFE/Waterproof Data Storage Chest, FIRE-SAFE/Water-resistant safes (1.2 cu. ft. and 2.0 cu. ft.) and a FIRE-SAFE/Waterproof File. | view (100 k)

Sentry Group announces partnership with Maxtor®Storage Solutions to deveiop the world's first affordable hard drives that protect data from fire and water disasters as well as computer crashes and theft. | view (111 k)

Sentry Group wins two CES Innovations 2008 Design and Engineering Awards Honors for two brand new Sentry®Safe Data & Document Security products. | view (96 k)

Sentry Group launches its latest innovative security storage container, the Fingerprint Safe DA3930.  | view (78 k)

Ten new products to secure valuable items and protect against identity theft. | view (68 k)

8-07 Sentry Group unveils first fire-resistant waterproof security safes specifically for digital media storage. | view (51 k)

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