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SentrySafe. Keeping American Jobs Safe

Since 1930, SentrySafe has been a family-owned American business. It’s a heritage that we’re proud of. And while some companies may be looking for ways to source more and more of their operations, SentrySafe is working hard to keep as many jobs in the US as possible.

Each of our customers entrust us to keep their most important documents and valuables safe and secure. That’s why we’ll continue to house the majority of our manufacturing operations here in the USA. And as we grow, so does our commitment to keeping American jobs safe. SentrySafe is currently working to expand its Rochester, NY facility to build even more products, including the new Home Defense Center. And when you do have a question, comment or concern you can be sure that we’ll always be right here to answer you, with highly trained customer service representatives located right here in the US.

But we can only do so much. We need your help. According to a World News special on Good Morning America if Americans spent only $64 more dollars a year on goods made in the USA, we would create 200,000 American jobs. So look for the Made in the USA symbol on SentrySafe and other products when you’re shopping. And by working together we can secure a better American future.

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Made In The USA

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