You want reliable firearm security, wherever you are, but especially when you’re on the go. The SentrySafe Portable Pistol Safe gives you confidence that your pistol is protected, while giving you the flexibility you need to travel.
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The SentrySafe Portable Pistol Safe packs the strength of solid steel, but is flexible for when you’re on-the-go. Loaded with the features to give you confidence and peace-of-mind, this safe is a powerful security solution when traveling with your firearm.
The SentrySafe Portable Pistol Safe combines reliable protection with flexible features to create a powerful transport solution for your firearm. Whether you are on the road or in the airport, the portable pistol safe gives you confidence and peace-of-mind that your firearm is secure and on hand.

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A cam-clutch system tightly secures the steel tethering cable when the safe is locked. With the safe firmly fastened to a permanent structure, you can feel confident that no one will be able to walk away with your firearm should your attention momentarily be drawn elsewhere.
With a powerful pry-resistant door design, the SentrySafe Portable Pistol Safe protects your firearm from unauthorized access.
Key lock provides quick, on-the-go firearm protection, and with a solid steel body, you can feel confident the SentrySafe Portable Pistol Safe will keep your firearm secure wherever life takes you.
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