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I purchased a smaller Sentry Safe while I was in college. I had some pictures and important papers stored in the safe. After moving home and getting married, I decided that our marriage license, birth certificates and social security cards should go in it as well. Then, afte having kids, we decided that their social security cards, first locks of hair from their first haircuts and their first tooth should also go in the safe. We also put in a few pictures from our wedding and the girls. I also collect old money and that was also stored in the safe. Needless to say, the safe was one of those out of sight out of mind kind of things. Not something that you think about every day. On August, 6, 2010, my worst fear became a reality. My family was on our first ever family vacation when we got the call that our house was on fire and there was nothing that they could save. (If you know me, I am a picture freak. My pictures are my life). Of course we were devastated but relieved that we were all together and no one (except the cat) was hurt. We drove 14 hours to get back to what used to be our home. What we found was unexplainable. My husband had a waterproof, fireproof StackOn gun safe that held his guns, my cameras, portable hard drives, some jewelry and numerous other things. The fire was so hot it ruined everything inside the safe. Upon rummaging thru the devastation, I came across my SENTRY safe. To my surprise, it was all in one piece. The outside was a little charred, but the contents were in one piece. My little SENTRY safe is the only thing that made me smile thru the days following our fire. I was able to pry the safe open (the key melted) and get out important documents as well as some pictures. We lost ALL pictures inside the home, except what was in the Sentry Safe. THANK YOU SENTRY for saving those few items! You made a horrible situation somewhat brighter for my family. Without those few pictures, I would have NOTHING from my kids childhood. THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU. We are rebuilding and as soon as we are done I WILL be purchasing another Sentry Safe. A HUGE one! Maybe evern 2 or 3. Thank you again! As you can see in the picture, my pictures were just a little wet, but untouched by the fire!
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